Emily & Thomas


Emily Kafka


July 20th, 2012



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Thomas Kafka


Pinehurst, NC

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Country Chic

How we Met

I met Tom when he was stationed at Fort Bragg in NC. I attend Campbell University School of Law in Raleigh NC. It is about 1.5 hours from Fort Bragg. He traveled a lot to date me, he claims I was worth it. I knew instantly that he was the fella for me and no matter what the Army has thrown at us, we've managed to tough it out.

The Proposal

Tom was getting deployed to South Korea. We were only dating when he was told he would have to leave. He asked me to marry him the night before he left. As soon as he asked I said yes. We decided that if we could survive 6 months apart, that we could survive almost anything.

The Ceremony

In July of 2011 my husband was stationed at Camp Casey, South Korea. I missed him terribly every day and I had planned to visit him over Christmas Break. We also planned to get married in South Korea. We got "hitched" on a very cold day in Seoul, in what is comparable to a courthouse wedding. I wrote them on a Won, (Korean dollar,) to pay homage to the fact that we traveled a great deal, in the cold, in a city we didn't know to get married. I would marry him again, in the same way, every single day.

The Reception

When he returned from his duty station, and finally got back to the states he thought I deserved a real wedding, with pretty flowers, a dress, and the "hoop-la." My mom made most of my decorations. From the grapevine balls, to the picture frame/chalkboards. She is so crafty. She gave life to the things I dreamed up in my head, and the ideas that I got from Pinterest. I wanted a southern classic wedding and she helped me achieve that.




Do you have any savvy money saving tips to share?

Make everything you can! Design your own programs, make your own signs, and make your own bridesmaid gifts. Find someone crafty and bribe them!

What words of wisdom can you impart on future brides and grooms?

Take the day for what it is. It is a day to celebrate your relationship. It isn't going to be perfect and it is going to be hectic. Sit back and enjoy every minute of it. Have fun, and don't worry so much. Your friends and family will understand that nothing is perfect. And they don't care if everything is perfect, they are their to celebrate with you, so do just that.... celebrate.

  • Wedding Cakes & Desserts

    Name: Maxie B's
    Location: Greensboro, NC
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  • Photography

    Name: Just a Dream Photography
    Location: Concord , NC
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  • Caterers

    Name: White Rabbit
    Location: New York, NY
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  • Reception Venues

    Name: The Fair Barn
    Location: pinehurst, NC
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